The Significance of “Nationally Recognized Days” 

Proclamation: the document confirming the significance of Nationally Recognized Days

The significance of Nationally Recognized Days is “typically to honor or commemorate a public issue or social cause, ethnic group, historical event, or noted individual.” 

These days are always proclaimed with a statement about the purpose and significance of the observance. 

Do you also wonder why all these National Days show up on your social media feed? 

These days, designated by the Congress or the President, are not just for a select few. 

However, many other days popped up over the years, which are mostly “fun days.” 

And in most cases, people are not even aware of these special days. 

But this week is exceptional, with a lot of “Recognized Days.” 

Then read this week’s newsletter, where we’ll explore a few of them, shedding light on their origins and significance.

So, stay tuned!

Terrazzo Insects at "Cairn's Course" at Greensboro Greenway as a Significance of Nationally Recognized "Earth Day."

April 22 is an Internationally Observed Day called “Earth Day.” 

This annual event has been held globally since 1970 to bring awareness to the importance of protecting our “Mother Earth.” 

This year’s theme worldwide is “Planet vs Plastic”.

While on my tour of the Greensboro Greenway, we came across this great piece of art called “Cairn’s Course.” 

I can’t think of anything better than highlighting this art to celebrate Earth Day

Thomas Sayre is the brilliant artist behind Cairn’s Course, and Greensboro can call itself lucky to have such great art displayed in the city for us to admire. 

The “Cairn’s Course,” an earth-casting sculpture, is a testament to the harmony between art and nature. 

It consists of three vertical stacks of “stones,” each uniquely shaped and created from the earth nearby. 

But these stones form a striking contrast against the lush greenery of the Greensboro Greenway. 

Also, a circular path that honors the nearby College Branch Stream weaves the sculptures together.

And the “icing on this earth cake” are these fascinating “terrazzo insects.”

Go and see by yourself!

Entrance sign for Scuppernong Books store in Greensboro, NC

Today, April 23, is also known as “World Book Day.”

This annual event has been organized by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) since 1995. 

“World Book Day” was founded to promote reading, publishing, and copyrighting. 

So, what better place to celebrate this special day in downtown Greensboro than at “Scuppernong Books?” 

Scuppernong Books is an independent bookstore in the heart of Greensboro, NC. 

The initial visionary owners, Steve Mitchell and Brian Lampkin, had a brilliant idea: to blend the charm of reading books with the relaxing aroma of coffee, the sophistication of wine, and the vibrancy of an event space. 

And voila—in December 2013, a magic place was born on Elm Street, and a lot of people can’t live without it anymore.  

So many great events are being held in this space throughout the year, and I’m sure also on “World Book Day.”

Scuppernong is a variety of muscadine grape native to the Scuppernong River in NC.

It is also our “foodie of the day.”  


The Historic Magnolia House, a B&B in Greensboro, NC

The Wednesday of the last whole week in April is also called “Administrative Professionals Day.” It is yet another one of the “Nationally Recognized Days” this week. 

This is the day when all our “admins” will be celebrated for their work, which mostly goes unseen and unrecognized. And is only visible if it is not done. 

However, as we celebrate architecture on Wednesday, there is a splendid spot to take your “Administrative Professionals” for lunch.

The Historic Magnolia House in East Greensboro is a hidden gem within this city.

As one of maybe four existing motels in North Carolina during segregation, it was listed in the “Green Book.” 

This book circulated amongst African Americans, helping them find suitable establishments.  

Over time, quite a few famous people stayed overnight in this motel, like James Brown, Ray Charles, Ruth Brown, and Ike and Tina Turner.

But their presence adds a touch of glamour and history to this remarkable establishment.

The Bed & Breakfast hotel was renovated with a lot of sweat, tears, and love and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

It reopened in the Fall of 2021 and has been a great addition to “cool places” in Greensboro, NC.

Find out more about The Historic Magnolia House.

A general picture of kids symbolizes the national event "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day."

What started in 1992 as “Take Our Daughters to Work” Day became “Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work” in 2003. 

This is also a “Nationally Recognized Day” that gives children in the United States a chance to take a glimpse into the working world of their parents. 

Kids have the unique opportunity to experience a workday in the business environment of their parents. 

This experience might spark some interest in the profession. 

The “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation” has brought more diversity, awareness, and support to children and adults alike to bring up the next generation of resilient workforce.

This organization also encourages the inclusion of historically disenfranchised students, such as foster children, youth at high risk of dropping out of school, or even youth who may not have a parent to take them to work. 

Are there any companies in Greensboro, NC, that will observe this day and have their employees’ children visit?

Let us know!

Big Pretzel Ham Sandwich

Another national day is always on April 26National Pretzel Day!

Rounding out this week of “National Days,” we will celebrate the Pretzel today.🥨

History tells us that Italian monks invented one of America’s favorite snacks in the Middle Ages. 

The leftover dough was formed into the shape we now know as a pretzel, which might symbolize praying hands or the Holy Trinity. 

The first historical evidence of the Pretzel occurred in 1111 when the shape was added to the German baker’s guild.

Because of their connection to Christianity, their form often became a symbol of good luck and was used to decorate Christmas trees. 

It was also a popular food for weddings and a symbol of marriage. It might just be that the expression “tying the knot” comes from this form. 

German settlers brought the Pretzel to the United States. Pennsylvania became known for its pretzel bakeries and is still known as the state with the highest consumption of pretzels per capita. 

So, why not celebrate this unique day with some friends and a big bag of Pretzels? 

Enjoy and have fun!

It was a fun week to put together for you. 

There were so many “significant” and “insignificant” National Days to celebrate in one week. 

Serious topics like “Protecting our Earth,” “Awareness of reading,” and “Celebrating our unsung heroes,” as well as learning all about “Pretzel,” were just a few of our highlights. 

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