The Significance of “Memorial Day” 

The significance of Memorial Day - Remember and Honor. Decorated cemeteries to honor the fallen on service men and women.

The Significance of “Memorial Day” 

The Significance of Memorial Day is to honor and mourn the US military personnel who died in service.

Memorial Day is a federal Holiday in the United States. It has been observed on the last Monday in May since 1971. 

Memorial Day was first nationally observed on May 30, 1868.

The Commander in Chief John A. Logan of the Grand Army of the Republic proclaimed the holiday to honor the Union soldiers who died in the Civil War.

Many volunteers decorate the graveside of military personnel with American flags in the national cemeteries.

Also, many see this day as the “unofficial” beginning of summer.

The significance of Memorial Day - Remember and Honor

Today marks Memorial Day, and people around the United States honor and remember their fallen military friends and family.

On this solemn day, the American Flag adorns many cemeteries and houses as a powerful symbol of our nation’s unity and respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. 

Please take a moment to reflect on the meaning of this National Holiday while you celebrate with your friends and families, have a BBQ, and enjoy the pool.

A plate with empanada

You might ask: What is an empanada?

An empanada is a turnover baked or fried, filled with meat, cheese, corn, or other ingredients.

The name comes from the Spanish word empanar” (to coat with bread), and this dish is famous worldwide. 

Although the origin is unknown, the history of the empanada is fascinating and dates back to the Middle Ages. Some old scripts describe this food. And a cookbook mentions empanadas in recipes from other countries. 

We are lucky to have an excellent Empanada Grill food truck in Greensboro, NC, that provides authentic Puerto Rican empanadas. 

Although this is a very popular dish in many countries, each has its own version of this delicacy. 

You will be surprised by the variety of tastes of dishes that Empanada Grill offers.

By the way, Empanada Grill also does catering! 

Vernon Building in Greensboro, NC - the oldest remaining building in the city.

How often do you walk by this building in downtown Greensboro, not knowing that the Vernon building, on the corner of Washington and Elm Street, is the oldest one in Greensboro?

It was built in 1883 in Italianate style and housed the Vanstory Clothing Company, which sold expensive men’s clothing.  

In 1887, the Vernon family purchased the building. The lady of the house named the building “Vernon” and put it on a cornice in gingerbread millwork.

The building is a 4-story mixed-use building with retail space on the first floor and apartments on the second and third floors. A penthouse was created on the fourth floor in 1990.

Today, you can find Liberty Oak (a restaurant), Bliss & Co. Downtown Salon (a hair salon), and Awoo Coffee on the ground floor.

Visit them and feel the spirit of years long gone. 

Woolworth Co. building host now the International Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro, NC

Frank Winfield Woolworth founded F.W. Woolworth Company in 1879 and was the trailblazer of today’s five-and-dime stores.

They opened the first Woolworth store in Utica, New York.

In 1997, the chain went out of business and closed after 118 years of existence.

Its legal continuation of the original Woolworth is a well-known name – Foot Locker. 

In its heyday in 1979, Woolworth held the Guinness Book of World Records for being the largest department store chain in the world with over 5,000 stores. 

The original Woolworth store in Greensboro closed in 1993 and is now the location of the International Civil Rights Center and Museum.

The Greensboro store was the company’s flagship store. 

On February 1, 1960, this store became the site of the sit-ins of 4 African American students from A&T University, known now as The Greensboro Four.

A man walking his dog on the Walking Trails in Greensboro, NC

This weekend, the Greensboro Parks and Recreation department offers an array of activities on the trails in Country Park. 

If you have never visited this park, I recommend taking the time to check this one.

There are so many things along this trail that you can explore and enjoy.

On Saturday, June 1, they offer even more attractive and family-friendly activities during National Trails Day.

Take your family and enjoy the weekend.

The unofficial start of the summer has already occurred on Monday. 

We started the week with a National Holiday to honor our fallen soldiers. 

Then, we learned about the oldest building in Greensboro, NC, and the dishes that make our mouths water.  

And we ended the week with the history of Woolworths in Greensboro and the fun things to do at the weekend. 

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