Image of Marion Hofmann - your personal tour guide

About Marion – Your Personal Tour Guide

Marion was born & raised in Austria and came to the United States in 1995.

Once there, she fell in love with this country’s people and culture. 

After a brief stay in Florida, North Carolina called her name very early in 1999.

There, she was hooked on this state’s beauty and its people’s friendliness. 

But in 2004, she took her first step into the city of Greensboro, NC.

At first, she wasn’t totally convinced yet – Greensboro looked a lot different then.

But over time, her love for this city and its rich history grew more with every passing month. 

Here are the words of Marion as she sees it now:

” Believe me, my friend, there is such a thing as a “second” home that I live in.

It is the city of Greensboro – my chosen city!”

Greensboro is where I live, work, socialize with my friends and the home where many of my co-workers live.

Of course, I would like to show them around this “Green Borough.”

And tell them a bit of the history and the new and exciting things going on.

Small groups are my specialty – this gives us flexibility, time to enjoy each other, and get more out of a day in the city. 

Tours are great for “town visitors,” “a family outing,” bringing “potential clients or leaders to the city,” or having a “girls’ day” in the city to learn about Greensboro. 

Art & Architecture walking tours are usually available on Saturdays, but you can also book them by appointment.

Let’s discover this together, and if you feel more comfortable – we can do all this “auf Deutsch”!

I look forward to hearing from you or your department head or HR representative.

I am your tour guide through this beautiful city with its rich history!