Culture Guided Walking Tour with Marion in Greensboro, NC -Marion holding up Greensboro mural picture

Culture Guided Walking Tour in Greensboro, NC

Let’s discover together the beauty of the past, present, and future of this great city in North Carolina.

Curious about what you will discover today?

Welcome Picnic with Marion to start the Culture Guided Walking Tour in Greensboro, NC

Let’s start with a delicious picnic under the aerial sculpture “Where We Met” by Janet Echelman.

Here, your guide, Marion, greets you and takes time to connect you with the other explorers on your walking tour.

What my clients like most about this tour is having time to sit, enjoy, and “be” instead of just checking a list.

Remember that it is only the beginning of a fabulous day ahead.

Here, you dive into the rich past of this city, moving to the present day and even finding out about Greensboro’s future destiny. 

It is part of this visit to this acclaimed museum in downtown Greensboro.

Locals and Tourists alike hear a lot of “new and fascinating” facts about the culture and history of this remarkable town.

Your journey continues…

Culture Guided Walking Tour - Marion introduces the past of Greensboro at the History Museum

Architecture Walking Tour in Greensboro, NC with Marion

We continue our guided walking tour on the North side of downtown all the way to the South.

Your eyes will experience an extensive variety of architectural styles and epochs, all mixed in this stretch of Elm Street.

It’s a busy street where beautiful sights, delicious smells, exciting sounds, and so much more will reward all your senses.

Every traveler needs some rest to refresh and regain strength or indulge in surprising cuisine, and you too.

Hence, this walking tour will ensure your taste buds are also pleased.

Here, you catch up on your experience so far and prepare for the second part of your trip.

Lunchtime with Marion during the walking guided tour in Greensboro, NC
Architecture Tour in Greensboro, NC with Marion

At this point, we are well into the tour.

And another highlight is just around the corner.

Depending on the day you join my tour, you will have a chance to look behind the scenes of the famous “Carolina Theatre” or explore the great art of the “Ambleside” Gallery.

However, both locations are full of exciting and mind-blowing facts.

You are getting close to the end of a thrilling and adventurous day.

Whoever wants to wrap up this day at one of the many “watering holes” downtown is welcome to finish strong.

And enjoy the time to reminisce about the experience.


Enjoying the guided tour in Greensboro, NC with Marion and a cold drink

The refreshed sculpture "Where We Met" by Janet Echelman - April 2022