Art Walking Tour in Greensboro, NC with Marion

Make New Friends Today Tour

  • Friends
  • Girl’s Trip
  • Men Outings
  • Family Reunion
  • Birthday or Anniversary Gift
  • Guests in Town
  • Discovering new friends
  • Pre or Post Wedding Event
  • Realtor Businesses (to attract clients to choose Greensboro, NC)

This tour experience shows you the beauty of Greensboro from a completely different angle, hits “hidden places,” and gives you new knowledge that pleasantly surprises you.

This tour includes:

  • Picnic at an exclusive spot in town to start this walking tour (fun included)
  • Tour through the renowned Greensboro History Museum
  • Walking tour along historic Elm Street with lots of hidden places to explore
  • Lunch at one of the many prestigious & fun restaurants in town
  • Behind the scenes at one of the cultural gems along the way
  • Wrap-up party (toasting drink included)
  • It is a fun and eye-opening experience where the hours just don’t seem enough to take it all in, and you are longing for more.

Besides all these, you will make new friends and have great memories of the “Gate City,” one of the nicknames of Greensboro, NC.  

All our tour experiences fit a group of 4 to 8 persons (except Your Unique Dream Tour).

Also, each tour can be provided in English or German language.

This tour is available on Thursdays and Saturdays.

The Price is $ 107.00 / person.