The Significance of “Women’s History Month”

A white and black hands together symbolizing Women's History Month we celebrate in March.

The significance of “Women’s History Month” is to celebrate the achievements of all women throughout the United States.

See Marion’s authentic perspective on this fundamental social event and this week’s news from art, foodie, architecture, history, and fun weekend.

Rhiannon Giddens - Greensboro native singer and artist featured in Women's History Month.

I love that “art” can be so many different things. 

You can learn about another Greensboro native who has become internationally known for her talent. 

Rhiannon Giddens has achieved many awards in the “art” of music, even if she comes from a very different musical background. 

She started her career in folk music, specifically in Scottish traditional music competitions, specializing in the Gaelic lilting tradition, also known as mouth music. 

Rhiannon ventured into different musical directions and won 2 times the Grammy and many other awards in various genres. 

It is fascinating to read about her career and listen to her music.

I am proud to have another female Greensboro native featured in “Women’s History Month.”

Ava's Kitchen & Catering - Soul food with a twist

One of the younger female entrepreneur chefs in Greensboro is Alexis Hefney. She specializes in “soul food with a twist,” using recipes from her ancestors.

What started as a food truck has become a brick-and-mortar business called “Ava’s Cuisine and Catering” (named after her daughter Ava) in the Latham Park area.

This is strictly a “pick up” only place, but the minute you walk into it, you know the food is made with lots of love and fresh ingredients.

Alexis wanted to have a business where she was her own boss and, at the same time, show her daughter that she could become whatever she dreamed of.

If you haven’t stopped by there yet, what are you waiting for?

Meet me there!

Lincoln Financial Building in Greensboro, NC

Lincoln Financial Building had so many different names over the years. 

This skyscraper was completed in 1923 as the Jefferson Standard Building and permanently housed insurance companies. 

Until 1929, this 18-floor building was the highest between Washington, D.C., and Atlanta, and the New York architect Charles C. Hartmann built it. 

The architectural beauty of this building is partially attributed to the combination of Neo-Gothic, Neo-Classical, and Art-Deco styles. 

In 1930, through a merger, the company became Jefferson-Pilot Corporation, and the building was named after that.

In 2006, another merger with Lincoln Financial Group gave the building its current name: Lincoln Financial Building. 

However, the LED display has remained throughout recent years, and it can be seen almost everywhere in the city. 

Re-enactment of the Battle of the Courthouse

On March 15, 1781, a significant battle in the Revolutionary War was fought at the Guilford Courthouse. 

The British army, led by General Charles Lord Cornwallis, and the Continental army, led by Major General Nathanael Greene, fought for independence from the British.

Even though the American army had roughly twice as many soldiers as the British force, Cornwallis defeated Nathanael Greene and took the victory, but he lost many of his men. 

This was a win achieved at excessive cost on the battleground.

However, the big battle turned out to be won by the “Americans.” 

You can find many street names in Greensboro, NC, still memorizing those times, with names like Cornwallis Drive and Washington Street.

But the most significant one is our city name—Greensboro—derived from General Nathanael Greene himself. 

Every year, on the weekend closest to the date, a re-enactment event is performed at the park. 

LeBauer Park at night

It happened this week; according to the astronomical definition on 3/19, the official beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere has occurred.

It is also called” The Spring Equinox,” and on this date, the days and nights are approximately equally long. 

If you like longer evenings as much as I do, then seek out the many events and activities this city offers. 

However, most of the events downtown are free of charge to the public through ticketed events. 

You can take advantage of the beautiful spots.

LeBauer Park and City Center Park are always worth a visit, as is a leisurely stroll on the Greensboro Greenway or any other trails in and around Greensboro. 

With the beginning of Spring, there is a lot to explore and discover in this great city of Greensboro, NC.

Whether it’s food, art, or nature, go out there and enjoy yourself, and remember to bring joy to someone else.  

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