The Significance of “Equal Pay Day”

The Significance of Equal Pay Day

The Significance of “Equal Pay Day”

The significance of “Equal Pay Day” is that we celebrate it worldwide this second week of March 2024.

See Marion’s authentic perspective on this fundamental social event and this week’s news from art, foodie, architecture, history, and fun weekend.

Bracelets - Art in Jewelry at Jacob Raymond Jewelry

What is your first thought when you hear “Art”??

You are probably thinking of paintings, sculptures, and maybe photography.

But what if I tell you about a very different kind of art? The art of jewelry?

The Art Walking Tour in Greensboro, NC, may also take you to Jacob Raymond Jewelry, one of the most unique jewelers in town.

His pieces are “one-of-a-kind art” you can wear.

Best voted Food Truck in Greensboro -Rockin Moroccan

It’s just Tuesday – but aren’t you hungry?

When walking and exploring the unique neighborhoods of Greensboro, NC, makes you hungry, I know exactly where to go to satisfy this craving.

You can find one of the best voted Food Trucks in the Triad.

Rockin Moroccan has quite a following, and Amina and Mike are the most personable people you can encounter. So, let’s see if we can catch one of the signature dishes or even an out-of-this-world homemade dessert.

The Significance of Equal Pay Day

Do you know about the significance of “Equal Pay Day?”  

One could call this a fundamental architectural project to eliminate income discrepancies.

In 2024, this symbolic date falls in the week following our Daylight-Saving Time.

The discrepancy in income for the same work will be the subject of many headlines on March 12.

Especially women, women of color, and mothers suffer from an unfair wage system at present.

Even though the Equal Pay Act was signed into law in 1963, there is still much to do on this front.

Helping women-owned or minority-owned businesses throughout Greensboro, NC, or anywhere in the world will already make an impact.

Mary Wells Nicholson - first female pilot in NC

Does the name Mary Webb Nicholson ring a bell?

Another female Greensboro native whose name is not easily recognized.

Mary Webb Nicholson was one of the first women in North Carolina to hold a private pilot’s license in the 1930s.

She found her passion for flying very early on in her life.

The famous female pilot Amelia Earhart appointed Mary “Governor of the Southeastern Section of the 99”.

The Ninety-Nines is an organization for female pilots. It was founded in 1929 by 99 female pilots and still has a substantial female membership base.

Although North Carolina is known for being “First in Flight” by the Wright brothers, I can only say that my hat goes off to Mary W. Nicholson and her accomplishments as well.

St. Patrick's Day and the Luck of the Irish

And another Friday to round out the week with a “holiday” upon us:

Sunday, March 17, is St. Patrick’s Day, and one will see quite a few people dressed in green and a lot more “pretending to be Irish” in Greensboro, NC, and around the state.

St. Patrick is the patron of Ireland, and this holiday is one of the most celebrated worldwide.

If you are up for a “green” weekend, here are some events you can attend in Greensboro, NC. It should be fun for big and small “leprechauns”!

Whatever you are doing – I hope the Luck of the Irish will be with you! 🍀

As you can see, the second week of March 2024 is filled with so much to explore and learn and many things to see and do.

I can’t wait for the days to be longer and warmer and get out there to find all those gems in the city to tell you more about… week after week after week.

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