Events to Celebrate in March

Spring 2024 - Events to celebrate in March

Events to Celebrate in March

Events to celebrate in March: Arts, Food, Architecture, History and Fun Weekend!

Ambleside Gallery - Vessel

There are quite a few great galleries in the city.

Also, there is always something new to explore and so many renowned and exciting artists to see and interact with.

And the “First Fridays” of each month are even better. Many galleries are open longer and have great entertainment while you browse the arts.   

However, the one gallery I like to go to a lot is the Ambleside Gallery, which has a distinguished owner, Jackson Mayshark.

This Gallery is part of the Make New Friends Today and Unique Tour for Teams & Events guided tours with Marion.

Crafted - The Art of Taco - a good place to celebrate any event in March

Strolling through downtown Greensboro, whether during winter or daylight-saving time months, one place I often visit is Crafted – The Art of Taco.

Here, your palate can explore firsthand with a great spin on the street tacos and an excellent atmosphere inside and outside.

A meeting with friends there or just having a date night – this place is always the right place, and the food will not disappoint you.

Kris Fuller, the food empire mastermind behind this, always searches for the latest trends and improvements that could bring excitement to our city.   

The Corbett Annex Recreation Center on the campus of NC A&T

Sharon Graeber is one of the black female pioneers as an architect, born and raised in Greensboro.

Her craftsmanship can be seen in quite a few buildings in and around Greensboro, showing that this woman has broken yet another glass ceiling.

One of her architectural projects in Greensboro, NC, is the Corbett Annex Recreation Center on the campus of NC A&T.

Clock tower that reminds us of changing the time in March.

It’s this time of the year – SPRING!

I don’t know about you, but I love Spring – the feeling that everything awakens and begins anew.

As a reminder, we will change the time again on Sunday, March 10, 2024, to Daylight Saving Time.

Do you know when the USA introduced the first Daylight Saving Time?

The Ohio Clock in the U.S. Capitol is being turned forward for the country’s first Daylight Saving Time on March 31, 1918, by the Senate Sergeant at Arms Charles Higgins.

You already noticed that evenings feel longer again, and everybody will be able to work in their yards and gardens or play with the kids outside even longer.

Sitting on your porch or meeting with some friends at a nice restaurant or bar downtown is also on the horizon.

One can do their spring cleaning – which is always fun.

Others can take their dogs for a walk in the Spring smelling parks.

It’s all looking good from here on out…

This is where your personal tour guide comes in, Marion, with Travel Like a Local.

She invites you to explore with new eyes Greensboro, NC, the city you are living in.

International Women's Day is a global event we celebrate in March

And on the same week, there is another day to celebrate this week.

March 8 –also known as International Women’s Day.

It’s a globally celebrated holiday where women celebrate the beginnings of the women’s rights movement.

Since February 28, 1909, women have been trying to establish equal rights—it looks like this struggle is still ongoing.

When you are in town, you will probably see a lot of women, most likely in groups, to celebrate this day!

If you want to show solidarity, wear purple that day – whether male or female; make a stand.

Also, the City Calendar shows a FREE event to commemorate this date.

As you can see, it is a filled first week in March 2024 – so much to explore and learn and so many things to know and see.

I can’t wait for the days to be longer and warmer and get out there to find all those gems in the city to tell you more about… week after week after week.

You can join me on one of my tours, at a restaurant, or outside in the parks.

Drop me a line if you’d like to meet up at


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